How does it work?                                                                iasset.com for VARs/Resellers 


In this vlog, James Bent, Project Delivery Manager at iasset.com,  provides a step-by-step overview of how iasset.com works, the value it adds, and the steps for resellers/VARs to get on board today.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to this overview of the iasset.com platform for resellers/VARs.

My name is James Bent and I lead iasset.com’s pre-sales team. I work with our customers to provide an understanding of how iasset.com’s cloud-based platform can automate and streamline workflows and the management of data - to reduce complexity and increase revenue.

While iasset.com empowers technology Vendors, Distributors, Aggregators, Service Providers and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to achieve better business outcomes, this video is specific to resellers/VARs. I will provide a step-by-step overview of how the platform works, the value it adds, and how resellers/VARs can get on board today.

Ingestion of supplier quotes

For resellers/VARs using iasset.com, the initial focus is streamlining the workflows around the ingestion of supplier quotes. iasset.com by default, ships with the ability to import quotes from key distributors, as well as map & import other distributor or vendor quotes. This removes the manual burden associated with having to key-in the supplier quote details to create the reseller/VAR’s version of the quote, before manually calculating the price out to their customer.

Automated pricing and quoting

Once iasset.com has the quote lines and purchase prices from suppliers, (whether from vendor as tier 1 or distributor as tier 2),  it runs systematic pricing logic, including but not limited to: factoring buy-discounts, adding margins, multipliers, exchange rates and other pricing elements.

iasset.com then automatically calculates the sell price to the end customer, ready for a rep to publish quotes in a pre-defined format (e.g. PDF or Excel). In addition, iasset.com is fully multi-vendor capable, so even if a single quote has multiple vendors AND suppliers, iasset.com can handle supplier quote and pricing management for these opportunities.

The value in this portion of the process is through the reduction of effort which results in increased productivity. This enables reps or account managers to focus on selling more -  via net new sales (which can also be managed in iasset.com), or up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, while also improving end customer relationships.

The process does not stop here however. Given that iasset.com is an installed asset lifecycle management platform, once renewal quotes are booked and invoiced in the reseller/VARs finance system, iasset.com converts sales out or point of sale data into installed asset records – whether asset records containing details of HW sales or else contract records holding details of support, maintenance, software licenses or cloud/consumption contract items. For many resellers/VARs, this may be the first opportunity they have had to record installed assets from a sales perspective, where the value added is by what these installed asset records can be used for.

Sales Campaigns

With iasset.com’s Sales Campaigns Module, resellers/VARs can mine the installed assets, looking for ways to monetize data whether this be:

  • The tech refresh for hardware items going EOL or EOS
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities for assets or contracts (e.g. increase a service level, sell more license, add-ons for hardware items)
  • Co-sell opportunities (e.g. solution based selling using reference architectures to understand when to promote related products/services)

The campaigns engine is not just a data analytics tool. While it mines the installed asset data, it allows resellers/VARs to create targeted notifications to end customers, together with what we would call “unsolicited proposals” – effectively priced up quotations that include the details of the refresh, up-sell/cross-sell/co-sell items being promoted.

In this way, the iasset.com platform helps protect recurring revenue, through the automated mining of the installed base for potential growth opportunities - something which resellers will need to help withstand today’s economic climate.

Cloud consumption and subscriptions

iasset.com also helps direct CSPs automate the billing process for cloud consumption and subscription contracts with our Solano cloud billing engine.  This takes away the burden of having to manually break down complex monthly billing files from vendors into individual end customer contracts that are accurately priced, line by line, ready for billing. Solano will do all of this for you within the matter of seconds. This ensures direct CSPs reduce the risk of late or inaccurate billing, while also enabling them to scale their cloud consumption and subscription business.

How to get started

To get on board, all you need do is reach out to your regional sales office, where will guide you through a simple process to get you onto the platform. This on-boarding process only requires minimal input from you. We simply need entity data loads to capture your vendors, suppliers and end customers, including billing references and pricing. This will help us determine how to calculate your sell prices and validate your supplier quote formats for final setup.

We will then offer some step-by-step training before setting you on the road to streamlined workflows, reduced business complexity, monetization of data and increased revenues.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The iasset.com team is proud to support small to medium VARs/resellers during these challenging times, with free access to our platform for six months.  Please reach out if you are interested in taking up this offer.



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