Land. Invest. Protect. Surrender - LIPS™


Commoditization and over-competition is rife across almost every technology segment today. As a result, old and current revenue streams are becoming dangerously under threat.

If you are technology provider, it’s imperative that you demonstrate and deliver more value and in turn, become more relevant to your customer. You need to commit to the entire customer and product lifecycle journey and ensure that not a single stone is left unturned – or in this case, no opportunity is left unexplored. 

Proactive management of your customers’ IT investment strategy is key. That’s why we have created “L.I.P.S.” which stands for the four categories in product lifecycles being - Land, Invest, Protect, Surrender.

Discover why LIPS is so essential for vendors, distributors, VARs/SPs and how you can implement a LIPS strategy effectively within your business. 

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